Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's never just a fart..

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to itty bitty ones, it's never just the passing of gas?

Today was Day 2 of Little Miss X coming to play with me for a bit.  Since she's not quite even 2wks old yet, her momma isn't back to school full time and so I don't get her a Lot.. But I can understand that.. Geesh, at not quite 2wks old I doubt I'd even let Daddy Chaos hold any of the kids, let alone left them with anyone..   I kid, I kid.. He held them~ under close supervision.. Lol ..   So anyway, I don't blame College girl one bit for only going to the important HAVE TO classes right now..  Still, girl, it's cutting into my baby time ! lol!

So Miss X was only here for something like an hour and half today.  She was asleep in her carseat when she arrived and slept until 20mins before her Momma came back!   Little booger :-)   Newborns *during the day* are where the term "Sleeping like a baby" came from !  

Since she slept most of our visit away, she was determined to make the most of what was left!  She not only stunk up her adorable little pants, she made sure to get everything OUT of the diaper and into her clothes..  So we had a full fledged stripping of the baby which quite frankly freaked me out a tad bit.. You see she has a broken clavicle (from birth) and needs to have her one arm pinned across her chest.. So here I am carefully undressing her all nekkid.. Eek.   Alas all was fine, she got all dressed in fresh clothes and swaddled into a blanket.  Just as we settled down in the chair to chat she gave me a big ole smile !  Shut up! It was too a smile, all the gas was passed.. lol.   And then, College Girl showed up to steal her away again.

I am in baby heaven right now..  Remind me of this in 8 months or so when she's into everything during our visits.. lol..  See I love the itty bittys, they lay there and coo at you and you get to snuggle.. lol.


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  1. Awww... I love my itty bitty and I know what you mean about farts not just being farts lol. Mine is 4 weeks old today!


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