Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 9

I'm doing it early today-  woohoo, look at me go :-)

It's raining, it's pouring..  I got soaked trying to get the kids out of the car in the drop off line..

Yet still, today I am thankful it's raining and not SNOWING..   It is November after all.. I'm very thankful for this Indian Summer we've been given !

You see, I love snow - in theory.  

It's so pretty when it's falling from the Heavens in big huge flakes..

I love the idea of snowmen & snowball fights around the snow fort..

I love the beautiful canvas it makes across the yards ..

But I detest the reality ..

It's still pretty falling, no matter what.. I can't refute that.  But then it fills the streets w/ snow and ice & I never feel safe on the roads when it's around.

While snowmen & snowball fights are a beautiful dream- the reality is that the kids aren't coordinated enough to build a snowman & the snowball fights end up with someone dumping loose snow down someone else's shirt while they all scream.

The beautiful canvas only lasts until some kid/dog/ect runs across it just to ruin it.. Or the snowplow goes thru and toss all that dirty snow back up on top of my pretty white.

Plus the cold.. Dimples is having uncontrollable shivering while bundled into his winter's finest at 45*, me thinks that full on winter w/snow is not going to be a fun time.

 So I love the theory of snow, but I would be perfectly happy moving someplace warm (like Disney!) and just visiting it once in a while .. lol..    

I am thankful that today it's just rain.


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