Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 4

It's Friday nite which is Family Night around these parts..

As the kids all sit on the couch together watching Cars 2,  I am thankful for my family. 

While they might fight, bicker & try to kill each other at times, they love each other.  I love catching the glimpses of love like tonite as they are all cuddled together on the HUGE couch rather than spread across it.  Or how they were on vacation (yay Disney) when rarely was there a fight and they were happy to be with each other :)

 Everyone gathered around the aquarium at Epcot (Dimple's favorite ride was Nemo (naturally) and they all sat in the 'window seat' looking at the fish with him because they knew it made him happy :)

Lookie!  A Mickey head !

They are all wearing their Celebrating Adoption shirts :)   While posing for this picture, I had this lady stand there beside me and count.. She looked at the back of my shirt which says MOM (everyone's names were on the back) and then in a snotty tone said "They're not all yours are they?"    I replied yes.. Not knowing if she meant because the boys are black or just the pure number of them..

She looked at them again and then pointed at my group (still posing for the picture)-
then she asked again-  They are ALL yours?  

YES!  They are!

So then she started counting out loud.  Normally when people question the number of kids or their closeness in age, I might take the opportunity to talk about what a wonderful thing adoption is.  Somedays I just smile and say they are all mine.. But something about this lady's attitude make me want to smack her into the ground.. Geez Louise lady! I'm taking a picture of my kids who are ALL wearing matching shirts and all sitting close together to get their picture done.. 

So I interrupted her counting and said loudly- There are SIX of them and YES they are ALL MINE!

Then I got the kids and we walked away..  She really just rubbed me the wrong way.. Her with her 2 kiddos sitting there judging my family size as if it were any of her business.

Hmm, this post clearly got off track..  I guess I'm also thankful that I don't have to deal with rude people on a daily basis.. lol :)

The graphic that is on the front of our matching blue shirts. 

The backs had everyone's name (their real names with the exception of me & daddy Chaos) all with various cut out character fills.. I LOVED them so much = )

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