Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 20

I'm feeling a bit stabby today.  So , rather than fill your ears with me muttering Bad words.. BAD words.. STAB, Break!!  I will just remind you that  I have two awesome giveaways ending this week!!

Don't forget to go sign up to win  25 free shutterfly photo cards  & a copy of Craved (ebook only) , both end this week so don't be pokey!!

Moving on to things I'm grateful for..  Since I'm feeling stabby, it's a bit more difficult but hey I'm an emotional eater so I'll go with  baked mac & cheese..  Yum.. I am thankful that someone figured out once upon a time that you could take mac & cheese and bake it and it's even yummier.   It's one of my signature dishes and I am always required to bring it to any holiday gathering.. This year I"m thinking of making baked Mac & cheese muffins because ooh soo cute!!

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After all, everything is cuter in miniature :)


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