Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude -- Day 1

A friend of mine challenged me to do 30 days of gratitude with her in November.  And so naturally, I am extending the challenge to all of you as well :~)  I'm sure we all know by now how incapable I am to sticking with any type of set writing.. lol.  Still, I'll try.

So the rules are simple :

Every day in November you will need to post at least one thing you are grateful/thankful for!  It doesn't have to be anything "heavy"--just be write what comes to mind :-)   You can leave a comment with your thankful thought, put it on twitter or facebook (I'd love to read if you give me a link!) or even put it on your own blog!  I can always set up a Mr. Linky or something if anyone is interested..

Anyway, it sounds like fun so let's do this thing!

Day 1-

Today I am grateful for the wonderful memories that we made while on our Disney vacation.   Most vacations you need to take a vacation just to get some peace!  Sure , things were chaotic but the kids were all soo wonderfully behaved and they were just great to be around!  They enjoyed it immensely and heck so did I!!   I'll be sharing pics very soon,  don't think I would forget ya! :)


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