Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schweddy Balls, no longer just a holiday treat!

I don't know about you but I love good ball humor. 

Why yes, I am a 12yr old boy.  Thanks :)

Key example : (If you follow me on FB, then you already know this so pretend you don't..)

Cowie gave Dimples this huge bag of balls for his birthday.. -Think the kind that you would toss into a ball pit, sans the pit.  So yesterday, I dug it out to let him play with them again (no, we do NOT leave the huge bag of balls out laying around.. MESSY!).  He spent the afternoon happily spreading them across the entire living room.

I happened to ask him " So, Dimples, are you having fun playing with your balls?"  

Yet another check mark in the "Things I never imagined myself saying" pile.

Dimples ignored me as I snorted and started laughing, having realized what I just said.  Again- 12yr old boy mentality here.

So when I read today that Ben & Jerry's has released a new flavor of ice cream, I howled with laughter !

Fudge covered Rum & Malt Balls.. mmmmm.

I'm so glad, I'm not the only one that had that particular Saturday Nite Live embedded into my brain :)  And in case you don't remember it or *gasp* never saw it (is that even possible? Everyone knows Schweddy balls, right?) here it is for your viewing & giggling pleasure.. Proving once again, I am not the only one who never grew up :)


Omg, I just love it..  I will be on the lookout in my grocer's freezer for some Schweddy Balls!!


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