Thursday, September 1, 2011

I need a Bubble..

Week 2 of school and 4 of 6 have been sick.

This year is going to be fun.

Especially considering we have our Adoption Celebration coming up next month. Yay!  Which means the kids will be missing 5 days of school, unexcused -although approved by the principals.  Which means they can't afford to be sick a ton or we all get in trouble. 
Sickies (Dimples & Spoiled Princess) laying together watching a movie.

As you know, I was more than a tad bit leary of sending Fishing Pole off to school.  Kindergarten is all day long here which equals THREE recesses.   Everyone who has kids in elementary knows that recess is the time you have to worry about.  Those kids are crazy out there!

Still, I talked to the nurse.. I talked to his teacher.  I gave everyone his limitations which are pretty darn simple to understand :

  • No physical contact sports
  • Avoid any type of injury to stomach  (pacemaker is in his tummy)
  • No outside recess in temps over 85* (he cannot handle the heat)
  • No Swinging on tummy.
  • No roughhousing ! 
  • No sliding on tummy.
  • No army crawling (on tummy).
Pretty simple.. Avoid any trama PERIOD to his tummy.. and if it's hot out, keep him in. If anything happens, even if you question it please let me know.  Also, he has a very high pain tolerance so even if he's hurt, he may not tell you.  Easy peasy, right?

Apparently not.

Day 3 of school -  Fishing Pole comes home to tell me that some kid head butted him in the TUMMY at recess.. It really hurwt mom.    I asked if he told the teacher/aide?  Yes.  Did he go to the nurse's office?  No.    No note, nothing at all.  I emailed both the nurse and the teacher to find out what in the heck was going on?? The nurse wrote back very quickly to let me know that she had not been informed of it but she would find out what she could..  She then wrote back again to let me know that Fishing Pole's teacher was told of the incident but wasn't told that it was in his tummy so she didn't report it.. Ok, I can understand that.. I guess.  But here it is day 10 of school and she never once emailed me back or acknowledged my email to her regarding this.  A simple "I'm sorry I didn't realize this but will make sure you're notified in the future" would have been nice.  Ugh.

So that was day 3..  As I said we are now up to day 10 of school.  Every. Single. Day this week Fishing Pole has come home to say that some other kid(s) pushed him down at recess..  Jumped on his back and knocked him down.. or my favorite- pushed him down and made him hit his head on the ground (resulting in scrape above the eye)--  Every time I ask if he told the teacher/aide??  Every time he says yes, the other kid got in trouble.  Yet every single time- he has not been sent to the nurse at all.    Now Spoiled Princess can trip over her own feet at recess, scrape her knee and get sent to the nurse's office to get a bandaid and ice.. Yet Fishing Pole -who has more reasons to worry about, gets knocked down repeatedly and never gets sent.

I'm  --this-- close to yanking him out to homeschool.   It's just so quiet in the house though.. lol.

Seriously though, you had better believe that my typing fingers are getting practice with the emails I'm going to be sending off yet again..  I'm not making friends at this school, I can just tell.



  1. Your job is NOT to make friends with the school, your job is to parent. That means fighting for your kids, protecting your kids, you know all of this. As a future educator, I insist that you report, report, report and report some more. They say you learn through repetition. Obviously there is a disconnect in their brains that makes you have to repeat it AGAIN! They HAVE to get it together and follow the medical needs. Hang in there! If I need to write 'em an email I will! They don't want that.


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