Monday, August 22, 2011

School - Day 2

Day 1 of school :

Yep, he managed to get another tooth loose on the FIRST day of school.  Really,kid? Really?   When I asked how it got loose (wasn't loose that morning, or at least he hadn't noticed it yet) the response I got was " I hit my mouth against the wall and then it was loose"..  No reasoning to why he might want to hit his mouth against the wall though.. lol.   Daddy pulled that one before supper.  Fishing Pole has now caught up with Spoiled Princess on the tooth losing race.  Southern Darlin' (the oldest of the Tequila kids*) has yet to lose a single one.. Nothing is the slightest bit loose either!

Day 2 of school -   Fishing Pole is home sick already.   Really , kid? Really?  Sore throat, snorting up snot (eww, so gross.) & fever.  He was not happy with Momma that I had him stay home.

"But I really really like school!" 

I'm glad to hear it but fever says you stay home and rest.

"But that's soo boring!  Can I play wii? "


"Can I go downstairs and ride bikes or play with my dinosaurs?"


"You are a mean mommy. You always say no.."

Yep, I like saying no.

"No you don't.  You're a nice mommy.. What can I do?"

You can lay down in bed and watch a movie?? Laying down, resting helps you get better faster so you can go back to school tomoro..

"Movies? YAY!"

And so the sick one is happy and Momma is just hoping it passes quickly and doesn't spread thru the rest of the crew!! Also, let's just keep our fingers crossed that this is not a sign of what is to come.. I can do without a year full of sickies, especially now that they are all *supposed to be* in school.

* Tequila kids is the nickname Drama Queen has given to the stairstep kiddos (Fishing Pole, Spoiled Princess & Southern Darlin') because the beginnings of their real names if shoved together sounds similar to Tequila.. lol.   That or because maybe you need to drink tequila in order to handle all three at once?


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