Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bye bye Summer '11

The first day of school is tomorrow.

I thought I was ready.

I was wrong..

It's bad enough that Fishing Pole will be joining the big kids by entering kindergarten -- omg, the boy has broken his pacemaker lead TWICE under my very cautious mommy eye.. How is he going to survive kindergarten with 22kids per teacher plus recess with 6times more kids?  Hold me!

But I can handle that.  What I'm having a tougher time with is that Dimples will also be joining the big kids.. Developmental Preschool.

I'm so not ready.. He's my baby. I'm not ready to let him go out in the world and trust others with him.

We went to the school yesterday to find the lil 4's classes.

Spoiled Princess found her classroom and was able to meet her new teacher! Yay!  She's not too worried about going to school. As we looked over the other classmates' names hanging on the wall, we didn't recognize any friends.  She just shrugged and said "It's ok, I'll just make new friends and see my old ones at 2nd recess."

Fishing Pole was able to find his classroom and meet his teacher too. Luckily he has several kiddos from his 3yr old preschool class in his room this year :)  Especially his "girlfriend" who when told her cubby was next to his, he promptly stated "I'm going to marry her!"

Southern Darlin' found her classroom but her teacher wasn't in. Luckily we went back today and she was able to meet both her normal teacher and the new SE teacher who will be doing math with her.  Both seem very nice.  Still Southern Darlin's anxiety has been acting up quite a bit these past few weeks.. I've noticed it in several behaviors that we haven't seen since she first came to us.  She's nervous.. :(

Dimples found his classroom yesterday but like Southern Darlin' his teacher wasn't in.. So the principal & office staff were treated to his screaming as he kicked,clawed and bit me while I carried him out to the car and tried to explain that he could see his classroom tomorrow.. :sigh:.  We did go to Preschool Open House today. He loved his classroom and went in and played with a few toys.  We met the teacher & 3 parapro's.  Although he's eligible to attend all 4days that they have preschool, we elected to start with just 2days to attempt to make the transition easier on him.  We definitely wanted him to go on the day that they have the OT/PT so he will go on Mondays & Tuesdays.   Fine. Works for me.. Only while I was there, his teacher says "So, he's coming tomorrow right?"

Uhmm no? I thought since he's going to come on Monday & Tuesdays, his first day would be Monday.. (is it just me? lol).

"Ohh, you have to let him come tomorrow! It's the first day of school!!"

So now, I thought I'd get thru sending the other 5 off to their first day of school ok because I could walk out of the elementary with my baby on my hip.  Instead, I'm walking out alone.. probably with tears streaming down my face.  :sigh:

Ahh well, I thought I'd ask them all their thoughts on the first day of school  :

Dimples (preschool) : I go pee-skool, pay toys?

Fishing Pole (kindergarten) :  I just can't believe it!! I can't believe I'm finally big enough for school!  I think I'm dreaming!  *very dramatic sigh*

Spoiled Princess (1st grade):  I'm going to be such a good 1st grader!  I was very very good at kindergarten!  (she is very very good at everything.. lol)

Southern Darlin' (2nd grade): Can I skip 3 days and then go to school?  No. How about 2 days, mom.. 2 days? No. If you skip 2 days then on the day you have to go back you still won't want to go.   Fine, 1 day. I'll skip 1 day. :sigh:

Attitude King (8th grade- omg!):  Can I have lil AK over to spend the night?

Drama Queen (10th grade - double OMG!) : Oh, no.  Drama for another 180 days.  Yippee.  *eye roll*
(DQ has discovered early that highschool girls are full of drama.. lol)

We shall see what tomorrow brings. I sincerely hope that the only one with tears will be Momma.



  1. Shouldn't that be Bye bye summer '11? :D

  2. LMAO~! You are right!! Geesh, apparently an entire year slipped away?!L OL!


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