Thursday, February 17, 2011

Announcing Mouse Genius !

Hello my friends!!  You might recall me hinting about a new site that I've been writing for??  The official launch happened and I've been slacking on getting the word out..

Sooo I'm thrilled to announce:

So what exactly is Mouse Genius??

It's a group of people who make Disney World their passion.  We are answering all your questions based on our experiences. Some of us used to work at Disney and others just love everything Disney!  We are here to give you the tips and inside tricks that we give to our family and friends when they ask us for Disney advice.  There are several contributors so one of us is bound to know the answer to whatever your little heart desires to know! 

So go ahead and ask us a question !!

If you want to check out the questions I've answered so far, check out my page !

I'm super excited about this new venture so go on- check it out and SHARE it with your friends :)


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