Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just for giggles

Random little things in the house have made me giggle today.  First we have the 12yr old & 4yr old arguing :

4yr old: You're stupid.
12yr old: So what. You're stupider.
4yr old:  nuh uh.. You're stupider-er.
12yr old: No, you're stupider.
4yr old:  I'm going to wish you were a poopie head.
12yr old:  So what, I don't have to wish it. You ARE a poopie head.

Boys, boys, boys.. Oh well, thanks for the giggle.
In the car, Drama Queen is telling me about a book she read.  She's recently discovered Jude Deveraux (who is tame enough in the *cough* sex*cough* department to be allowable for an almost 15yr old to read) and is quickly going thru her entire collection.  The girl is soo smart but just like her Momma, she has her blonde moments.   Today just happened to be one of them..

DQ:  So the main guy was Scottish, so he was from Ireland right? 

After I finished snorting pop out of my nose, she quickly realized that that wasn't right. 

Momma: No my dear, Scottish = Scotland,  Irish= Ireland.. and just so you know, I am soo  blogging about this!



  1. haha... My 9 year old learned that "Loco" means crazy in Spanish. "You mean it's another language?" Me: Ya, it's spanish what did you think it was? Her: "Just another way to say 'crazy' in English"... oh!

  2. I probably would've snorted pop out of my nose too! I have one very-blonde blonde and she comes up with the most random...squirel-type...stuff.


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