Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Imitation is the best form of flattery

TheToddler doesn't talk alot.  Sure he's 2½ but he just isn't a kid that you can sit down and have a conversation with yet.  Drama Queen talked very early. By 2½ she knew all the words to all the songs on the radio and sang along.   Attitude King was pretty much unintelligible until kindergarten.  He tried but he was very "dutchy" (tongue tied & no dr ever caught it. ugh).

TheToddler is not "dutchy" he just doesn't talk much.  He can answer a few questions "Want MILK!" but for the most part his speech consists of imitation.  98% of what he says is repeating something he's heard us say.  He gets stuck on a phrase for a week or two and that's pretty much ALL we hear.

"Boke, need batt-a-ees" was very popular.  He was constantly bringing us things all day long claiming it was broke and needed batteries. From toys, to pillows to his paci.. Thank goodness he got over that one and moved on, it was cute but the kid just didn't get that paci's don't take batteries.. lol.

So we get these phrases and they go on for a week or two before he picks up a new phrase. When we actually hear new words/ phrases we quickly get excited! OMG, he actually said something w/o copying! YAY!

A few times my bubble has been burst because I realized that I said the exact same thing a few minutes ago and it most likely was imitation.  Example:

We had to ride the elevator- on the way up he pushed the button. I cheered " YAY! You did it! TheToddler pushed the button!! "
On the way back down, he pushed the button and throws his hands up (Kick Buttowski style) and says " Yay! Did it! Push button!"

If nothing else, the boy has a sense of humor.  In bed the other nite, I gave him a kiss and said my normal "Goodnite, TheToddler. I love you."   Now normally he responds with his own "Goo nigh Momma.  I dove eww"  which is just cute as heck.  Love that kid.   This night, however, he says " Goo nigh..... AttitudeKing" and then paused for reaction.  Naturally I giggled and so he giggled..

Now every single night we go thru that.

"Goodnite, TheToddler.  I love you!"

"Goo nigh......... AttitudeKing... I dove eww.... AttitudeKing"

Kids- love em while they're little because all too soon they'll be big and want nothing to do with you :)


  1. How true..."love em while they're little because all too soon they'll be big..." I wish they didn't grow up so fast.

  2. Cute! You're right about appreciating these things while they're young. :) I look back at videos of my daughter when whe was a toddler and often long for those days again.


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