Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Falling into spring cleaning

Can anyone tell me WHY the 2yr old insists on shoving his dirty little hands into my drinks anytime I leave it unattended for more than .5seconds?  It's disgusting.  It's messy.   It's a good thing he's so cute!


We decided last week that we'd spend the long holiday weekend re-arranging bedrooms.  Drool Prince has the smallest bedroom which is decked out in pretty stained wood. I love the room personally.. Drool Prince has decided that it would be a good idea to use his dinosaur tails to scratch the wood to death in spots all over the place.  It is KILLING me.   So I decided that he needed to get out of that room before I had to kill him.  So there was a huge debate on how we were going to re-arrange rooms yet again.  In the end, we never got around to re-arranging rooms.. Drool Prince has slipped into his "good" phase and this should last us a few months or so before he starts to become destructive again so I have a little more time to figure it out. 

Instead we cleaned out The Corner.  I really wish I had taken before and after pictures but I didn't think of it until after.. naturally.   What is The Corner you ask?  It is this room in the basement (remember I have a mostly finished basement) that has a big closet, a HUGE ass workbench, some storage shelves and plenty of space.. It's not closed in as a separate room but kinda open still , thus the name The Corner.   When we moved here, everything we didn't want to unpack right away went there.  As time progressed, if we didn't know where to put something , it went there.. Everything piled into the corner.. Perhaps I'm not correctly emphasizing how big this corner is.. If the workbench were taken out, it would work for a small bedroom.

It was full of crap.

So we sat and we sorted.

We sat and got sore. (old bones? or just old..)

We threw stuff away.  A truckload went to the dumpster.

We found things that we had completely forgotten about.

We took a van full of stuff to the donation box.

I still have a big pile of little girl stuff that I have piled to one side for a pregnant friend to go thru.

I may have cried more than once.

My babies! !!

They have grown so big.

All these little things that will never be used again in this house.

It's bittersweet.

I may have tried to bribe Daddy Chaos with BJs anytime he wanted if he'd go get unsnipped.

It probably didn't work.

I may just make him let me keep some of my baby stuff so I can look at it and sigh.

At least The Corner looks pretty now!
look you can see the floor!
All pretty and cleaned up (mostly).
One bonus is that I found a plastic tub full of preschool stuff- workbooks, puzzles, stencils, oh my!  Naturally my preschooler is sleeping during the time we could be doing it.. ugh.

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