Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Do you know how to get your little boy to chase after you giving you kisses all over?

Simply tell him that he can't kiss you because he has icky boy cooties.

This might be a bad idea if your other littler boy follows suit.  Especially when the littler boy has snot pouring from his nose and redefines the term "Snot face".

Let's just say I'll be bathing with bleach tonite.  ewww.


In other news...   The kids have been in school for 2wks now. 

Two whole weeks of Momma home with just two little kiddos.  It feels strange. It's quiet.  I'm adjusting. 

The kids are all loving it though.  

The Toddler is adjusting to the new schedule.. Having to actually get up early (to drive  SP &SD to school) is not his cup of tea but he's adjusting.  He likes that it's just Drool Prince at home because Drool Prince actually plays with him some. 

Drool Prince was glued to my side for the first week.  I think he just enjoyed soaking up Momma time.  He's now the oldest instead of one of the babies so he gets to help out. We do special preschool stuff,  just him & me,  when The Toddler naps.   Except for those days where he falls asleep waiting on The Toddler to go to sleep and then, well Momma gets Free Time!

Spoiled Princess loves her teacher! her class! her friends! her seat! Everything!!

Southern Darlin' had a good first week.  A not so good 2nd week. We got a straight face picture from the teacher (not a smile, not a frown).  She's having problems staying in her seat and actually participating.   I saw this coming. The first week of school went very well but she was completely out of control once she got home.  She held it together the best she could while at school and then all hell broke lose afterwards.   Heck ever the therapist commented when we went last week " Is she still on her meds??".   I think it may be time for an increase, we'll talk to Dr Cuckoo about it next week.   An odd thing I've noticed- before school started she was doing well.  We had some anxiety about school starting and she would repeatedly ask me to please make sure to give her the pill because it helps her and always swallows it down without a problem..  Now that we are all out loco, she is back to saying she hates the pill & coughs/chokes when she takes it.. Silly kid.

Attitude King is liking school as well.  He's still working out the kinks of trying to find time to actually get back to his locker vs just carrying all his books with him all day long.. ha. I can remember those days! 

Drama Queen is living up to her nickname. Oh the Drama of a teen in high-school who has parents that actually care about what she's doing and insist on rules.  Gasp!! I know, it's horrible.  Oh.My.Gawd, mom.. Everyone does it.    yeah, we're there.

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  1. One of mine just started middle school, and the whole locker thing is new to him too. I can remember having locker issues too....


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