Sunday, August 1, 2010

My head is a crazy place

So many things are rambling their way thru my head. 

So many different thoughts that I want to express...

And yet I sit here.

Saying nothing.

Typing nothing...

I could tell you about The Toddler and our lovely experience at his sleep study the other nite, but I am still recovering from it and I think I will wait rather than relive the horror now. ha

I could tell you how I came home from the sleep study- thoroughly sleep deprived and had to give The Toddler a bath to wash all the goo from his head, then went to toss the towel over the shower curtain rod & the whole mess came cascading down on top of me..

I could tell you how much it amuses me that Drool Prince went to visit Kellie & Pop-pop earlier in the week.. How he had one of his huge fits where pop-pop had to carry him kicking and screaming to the car.   How much it makes me feel sane that they got to experience his loveliness and it's not just me.. [Normally he is the perfect child when around others.  He can be the 'perfect' child with me too, just is more prone to tantrums.]

I could tell you how I would like to be relieved that the caseworker is planning on coming out on Thursday to go over the adoption paperwork..  But I'd be lying... I dont believe this will get us any closer to our goal of finalizing these two adoptions this year.  I can hope.

I could tell you about my big kid vacation progam I have instituted..
-Drama Queen spent all of last week at Gma & Gpas house..
-Attitude King is spending all of this week at Gma & Gpa's house.
-Drama Queen is going to spend a week in Chicago with Mr Greek & Ms. Polish starting next week.

I could tell you lots of things, but nothing wants to come out.  At least not in a way that will be entertaining.. Instead you get a peek inside my head.. The rambling rarely ceases.


  1. Sometimes it helps to let the rumblings run amok!

  2. Lots of love right back atcha, Momma C! Hang in there!


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