Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In case you haven't noticed, I've been playing around with the background of both blogs lately.

Life was so much easier when I just picked a background off another website, put a tiny code in a gadget & went with it.. Alas, I really wanted to have sidebars on BOTH sides of my text.. I know, difficult aren't I?   I couldnt' figure it out with my normal background sites so I switched to just picking a new template @ blogger and then continuing to mess with it until my eyestrain has made me unable to see anything.

Honestly, you guys are the ones that see it- not me.. I blog in this nice white box devoid of color.  So tell me what you think.. If you like the review blog but not this one's background-  say Hey dummy, switch them to the other.. Or flip it.

Maybe you like them both as is but there's this one little thing that just pokes you right in the eye til you want to scream.. Please tell me and I'll try to change it :)

If no one comments with complaints then I'm going to assume that you love it and not that you're just too much of a slacker to bitch about my color choices that are burning your retinas.  In which case, I will leave it as is... until I get another burr up my butt to switch things up :)


*** Update -So, I changed the background around a bit and hopefully it's not quite as bright on my one anon. commenter :) Thanks for the input Anonymous! We all know I probably won't stick with this for more than a month or two but if ever my changes annoy you- please feel free to speak up! ***


  1. I'll go--love the review blog background. This one is a little bright for me, but u are worth reading so I do it anyway!

  2. Awww, that makes me feel all gooey inside :) Thanks!

  3. Oh, you mean I have to do stuff? Stuff is hard...I like this one. I'll let you know if I like the other one over there. xoxo

  4. Thanks Annie!! I did change this one just a tad -- same background but it's not transparent all over the board so it makes it a tad easier on the eyes.. I just couldn't give it up altogether :)


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