Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School :)

It's that time of year again..  Time for school to start up.

I am one of those mom's that others hate. I don't look forward to school most years. I miss my kids. I like having them at home.   This year was especially tough as it's Spoiled Princess' first year of Kindergarten (all day)..

It's odd to be at home all day long with just my two little boys.  It's quiet (which in itself is odd to say since I happen to have the two loudest kids on the planet at home with me).   We'll adjust in time.. Next year Drool Prince will be at Kindergarten too- then I'll really be going crazy!

So while I wasn't eager for school to start, the kids were.  They missed their friends. They wanted to go back Now!  Southern Darlin' was the only one who had the slightest bit of hesitation about going to school and even she did well!

With no further ado- the official First Day of School 2010 picture :

You can clearly see Spoiled Princess' excitement..

Drama Queen- voted child to make Momma feel old at every turn.  So what if I had her when I was not quite 19.. The kid constantly makes me feel old. How can I possibly have a FRESHMAN in highschool?  When did this happen?   It's going to be really weird when she's a Senior and The Toddler is in Kindergarten..  hmm, I see what Daddy meant when he cried- "We were almost done!!".  Too late now. oops!

Attitude King- starting 7th grade this year.. Unfortunately for his sister, this year also happens to be the year that our school system decided to combine 7 &8th grade with the highschool.. So her first year at Highschool is also his first year at highschool.. ohh burn! To make things worse funnier  they actually have Study Hall together.. I almost couldn't quit the laughing when I heard that..

Southern Darlin' was not really looking forward to 1st grade.. She wanted to stay in Kindergarten with her old teacher . She was comfortable there.  Just talking about going to 1st grade could result in tears.  Oh the anxiety!  The first day of school revealed a calm Southern Darlin'.  She immediately insisted on taking her pill because she didn't want Momma to forget (ha!).  Into her class she strode and sat down like a big girl! No crying, no running after me!  Yay!!   side note- apparently I need to have her brush her teeth before she gets dressed..

 Spoiled Princess is my poser.. She's always striking up her model poses and requesting a picture now please!  

She surprises me daily.

She was the clingy one.

The one that you couldn't get out of her sight or Else.

She never spent the nite at Gma & Gpa's because she had to be touching me at all times.

Finally she has grown into her own little person.  This independent child who happily walks into her classroom with a hug, kiss & a bye Mom!

:sigh:  It makes a Momma proud and a tiny sad all at once. Where'd my baby go?

Count to 3.. 1, 2..THREE.. Wait girls, Don't say three.. I'll count.

Ok. I know I said no counting and close your mouth. but you have to smile a little SD..

What? SD- why do you look surprised? SP- smile!!

Thanks girls! That will work :)

And another year starts....


  1. Love the pics! I can't ever get my girls to smile together either. They look off at the cats or their toes or whatever is not the camera. But your girls look adorable with their hair and purple shirts!

  2. Thanks girls!!

    Essie- my girls are natural born hams.. All my kids are.. lol. Southern Darlin' was very camera shy when she first came to us, but now we sit and take pictures on my phone EVERY single time we are sitting and waiting to get into therapy :)


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