Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Trip to Dr Cuckoo

After a few months of therapy, our beloved therapist suggested we take Southern Darlin' to the psychologist aka Dr Cuckoo (not because he's cuckoo but he's the crazy dr.. ok fine I'm not being politically correct- sorry,deal) for an evaluation as she's not qualified to prescribe meds & Southern Darlin'- she could benefit from some meds.    I was assured that Dr Cuckoo is very anti-meds in children but our therapist felt most likely he would be medicating Southern Darlin'.. Does that tell you anything? ha.

Soo today we finally got to our appointment.  I picked Southern Darlin' up from school.  Went to the office & asked that she be called down to leave.. I stood in the hall waiting.. and waiting... and waiting for her to come out.. Finally, her teacher comes out with Southern Darlin' in hand  Steam figuratively pouring out her ears..  Teacher is pretty unflappable, but apparently Southern Darlin' has been pushing the buttons.. She pulled all 3 sticks (the most you can pull- which equals no recess) and then when she was informed that Momma was there to pick her up- well she didn't feel it was necessary to actually get her stuff around &  actually leave.. Instead she preferred to wander the classroom looking at her classmates, take her slippers to the bathroom, and generally do anything except what she was supposed to be doing.  Teacher was P.I.S.S.E.D!   Southern Darlin' smirked as Teacher told me about her behaviors today & as soon as Teacher headed back to her room, Southern Darlin' started happily telling me random things that she could think of.. She only got upset when I informed her that she would NOT be watching a movie on the way to see Dr Cuckoo because she as she was being rude to her teacher.  Cue waterworks.. Ugh.

Finally get to Dr. Cuckoo & Southern Darlin' discovers that he does not have lots of fun toys like the Therapist does.. Uh oh.. The child was completely off the wall. Bounced in the chairs (really bounce- bounce house bounce) , wandered the room, talked to herself, took papers from Dr Cuckoo's desk & carried them around, looked anywhere but Dr Cuckoo when he asked her a question. WOULD NOT SHUT UP.. OMG.. I came away from that appointment with a migraine, I kid you not.  I repeatedly asked the child to sit down beside me and try to be quiet for just a few minutes.. She'd sit down and not 10seconds later be talking to the tissue box who she decided was her kid.  We spent 40mins discussing her background, our concerns & trying to talk to Southern Darlin'.. 40mins of the 1hr scheduled and Dr Cuckoo is like ok, get out.. . He leaned on his desk and said 'Ok, so you want meds right?'   I honestly considered asking for whom? Her or me? Cuz at the end of that appt I felt like I needed a lil sumthing.

We left with two diagnosis (ADHD  & Anxiety Disorder) and a lovely little rx for Strattera (anyone have experience??) .  I'm really hoping this helps her be able to calm down a little and focus.. But honestly the fear I have (which Dr Cuckoo & I discussed) is that the girl cycles.. She can focus wonderfully at times and is off the wall other times.. Her moods swing like a crazy monkey swinging in the trees & you can see the bad times building up.  Bipolar is in the family tree for the girls, so deep down I"m going to wonder.. For now, we wait and see. We'll try this and hope it helps.


  1. *winces* Hang in there, Momma Chaos... It ain't much, it's just all I got.

  2. Strattera is ok..i have not had any kids on my case load who had adverse affects due to it

  3. TTops has been on all kinds of stuff for her ADHD. Right now she is on Strattera. It works ok (she has many issues so this can be hard to gauge) but we see no side effects.


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