Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the hearts of all my kids

Who has seen this newest super expensive oversized pony?  looks cute huh?  Kinda reminded me of the all popular Buttercup or whatever her name was. You know the one- you could feed her a carrot and she moved her head..

This one is soo much better. No fake nose kisses. But your child can BOUNCE on it & it moves.. Pure genius! Just sayin'.

So anyway, this is on the TOP of the list for all three little kids for Christmas, Birthday- ANYTHING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

I completely agree little ones, it's cool and I kinda want one too (although sadly it has a very high weight limit given the recommended ages, I still would probably break it into dust ).  But the price tag on it is like a zillion dollars more than we have budgeted when I would need 3 to limit fighting/shoving/pulling of limbs.. I'm tempted to go with it for birthdays but as Southern Darlin' (who is the leader in the Giddyup Pony Fan base)'s birthday is only 2wks before Spoiled Princess , uhmm yeah money is gonna get in the way again. 

Still seriously cool!!  Hey Little TIKES People- if you want some kid testers/review, contact me cuz we'd totally dig that!  lol

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  1. Where was this last year..when it is EXACTLY what I was looking for for my son. Instead we go one, that just whinnies (or neighs, whatever horse noises are called), and has "galloping" sounds. It doesnt actually move...which makes this one a lot cooler! Good luck.


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