Monday, November 16, 2009


Southern Darlin' was chattering away about her friend Trinity today. She's talked about her before a little but honestly Southern Darlin' chatters non-stop so I don't always absorb everything she says.

It was fairly quiet being morning time with only the big kids up getting ready for school so I was engaging in the conversation.

SD: Mommy, Trinity rhymes with me. See TriniTY , Southern Darlin'TY (side note, they dont really rhyme but their names do end in TY).

Me: Tell me more about Trinity again. Is she in your class?

SD: (gives Are you completely mental look!) No! She's not real!

Me: (apparently I missed this and she feels she's covered it before?) Ohh, what does she look like?

SD: She's up in space. She's not real Mommy.

I convinced Southern Darlin' to provide a description of this imaginary friend who is apparently "brown" like Drool Prince & Baby Bug but with hair like Southern Darlin' (blonde). An interesting combination. I guess it's a good thing that she realizes that Trinity is not real but watch me be blown away later when she confesses that the real Trinity is in her class and she just made all this up LOL!

Regardless- our first imaginary friend! Woot!


  1. This made me laugh because all we have around here for Beth is imaginary friends. She runs the real ones off with her bossiness. LOL

  2. Hey there, Momma Chaos! I've been following you off and on since before Southern Darlin' came home- Thought it might be time for me to add myself as a follower and found out I will be Follower Number 17 on the 17th!

  3. Woohoo Ashley!! Thanks for the follow! #17 on the 17th, pretty serendipitous (totally misspelled but dang if there's spell check on comments)! If I had a cool prize I'd totally give it to you, accept my virtual make believe prize (which kinda fits with this post anyway)!


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