Friday, April 17, 2009

Home at last!

We are HOME! Surgery went well yesterday. Poor poor Baby Bug was in so much pain yesterday :o( I held him non-stop from 8:30am- about 12noon today. The kid would NOT let me put him down.

Crib, uhmm no.. He slept with me on the pull out chair.

Gotta go pee? Sorry mom, it ain't happening.. It was amazing the amount of bladder control I exercised yesterday considering I have virtually none.. I had to call a nurse everytime I needed to use the bathroom so she could come hold & distract the baby.

Meds, yum yum right? Uhmm no, not when he wont even swallow his own slobber. I'm really hoping this wont ruin his normal great meds taking ability.

I managed to negotiate with the dr today. Our roommate got into our room at supper time yesterday (same surgery, 2yo) and left right after breakfast this morning. Dr wanted us to stay another day b/c Baby Bug only ate 1/2 oz the entire day Thursday. I was like uhmm, I want to go home NOW.. lol. If he had no respiratory issues then I wanted out.. I promised to bring him back if he gets any signs of dehydration but quite honestly he has feeding issues anyway so it could be a combo of that & the sore throat. Dr finally agreed that we could go home at lunch time if he was still doing well. Yippee!! I managed to force feed the kid 2oz and we were released at noon!

We got home & he has been sooo much happier. He's had some bottle, a little sippy cup & just been in a better mood. Who wouldn't be crappy stuck in the hospital ..especially when you get the 1970's 5"tv .. that would not even pick up Disney channel for pete sakes! That's gonna be on my survey for sure, come on people give me Disney at least- we were on the pediatric ward for heaven's sakes!

Glad to be home though.. glad to be home!


ICPC update :

Sending state capital had it in their hands April 9th.

Sending State sent it onto my state April 13th.

My state capital had it in their hands April 16th.

My state capital sent it to my local county April 16th.

~waiting on local county to get it and please God approve using our current adoptive homestudy w/ Sending state has said is fine with them vs doing an entire new one..

At least it's finally moving!! Gotta keep this ball rolling right along :)

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  1. Hope Baby bug continues to recover well. Looking forward to hearing of the arrival of your new daughter - have you all met her, spent time with her, know her....or is this a big adventure into the unknown?


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