Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In other news..

..we are a houseful of sickies.

Drama Queen had a birthday party over the weekend. She was perfectly healthy when I dropped her off around 1pm on Saturday. When I picked her up at 2pm Sunday- quite frankly the kid looked like she'd been partying with the wrong crowd. Eyes red & watery, nose congested & a cough. LOVELY... She came home and went right to bed not to be heard from again except to ask for meds (fever popped up) and then back to bed. She woke up Monday morning feeling better and off to school she went. Still a tiny cough but she's not complaining of anything else. Honestly Im not really sure if she's feeling 100% better or just faking feeling better b/c she wants to keep her perfect attendance (geek!).

Spoiled Princess was not to be left out. She developed this lovely cough that sounded like she was on her last lung ~ ironically also on Sunday. The kid was pathetic. I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars that she doesn't get sick very often because quite frankly I'd have traded her off by now or went completely insane. Off to the dr she went on Monday, only to be dx w/ a "nasty" ear infection (hmm, never once complained about her ear hurting?) and the starts of bronchitis. Antibiotics & some cough meds w/ narcotics in them are making her a much happier little girl.

Daddy Chaos woke up Saturday and was in pain. Lord only knows what he did but he's messed his back up again. He got to go to the dr with Spoiled Princess on Monday as well.. He got some steriods, better pain pills and a MRI.. Keeping fingers crossed that we aren't headed for surgery again (last one was in 2002) but if we are- I hope it gets done ASAP!

What is it with everyone having something at once? So far the boys & I are healthy so that's good right?!

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