Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gotcha ~ 4 yrs

Happy Gotcha day sweet girl!

Spoiled Princess turned 4 a few days ago. We celebrated like normal- cake, ice cream, presents.. Fun times for all. But it felt weird to me. Four years ago on that day, I didn't even know she existed yet. I didn't get the call from DCS until she was a full day old. I could tell you exactly what time I got the call, where I was & everything that was said. It's firmly etched into my brain. Today it has been four years since I first met Spoiled Princess. I picked her up from the hospital alone so Daddy Chaos could stay home with the two bigger kids and feed them their supper ect. To me, today is her birthday. It's when I first met her and she became mine. So although we don't celebrate it , privately in my head I'm thinking "Happy 4yrs sweetheart". I still don't know how four years have passed already!

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