Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pooh Bear Woes..

I tried to do a good thing for the 2yo.. You all have been submitted to his obsession with Pooh & Lumpy.

For the past month or so, he's been so excited about the new "Ha-oween Lumpy" movie as he calls it.

So when I found it at Target on sale, I snatched it up & hid it under my purse all thru the store. Got checked out & home again without him even catching a single glimpse!

I was S.O. Proud of myself. Yeah, I'd just made his year! until..

We got the movie out, put it into the dvd player & pushed start.

"Momma, this not Ha-ohween movie"
"Sure it is, Drool Prince.. Let me just find the right one"

You see the movie started out with episodes of "My Friends Tigger & Pooh" that we've already seen a zillion and one times on the Disney channel. I figured it was a mistake & surely the new Halloween episode was on there as well..

Guess what?? No Halloween episode.. It was just an assortment of various alreadyplayedazilliontimes episodes.

There were tears from the 2yo b/c the wonderful Brand.New Lumpy movie was NOT.. just Not.. Try explaining that one to a 2yo.. Obviously Momma should have read the back of the cover and realized that it was just a bunch of episodes we'd already seen but it was advertised as a brand new Super Sleuth movie... UGH!

Disney may just hear from me yet.. :(

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