Monday, September 29, 2008

Le Ouch

The bug is getting bigger! He gained 4lbs in ONE MONTH! It used to be that people would ask how old he was and say "really? He's small for his age, huh?".. Then I'd go on the explain how he was a preemie and under 5lbs & they'd nod their heads and go on about how cute he was.. Now when someone asks how old he is and I respond- they look at him, look at me, then look at him again and say "Really? He looks older! He's a big boy!".. No one believes me when I say he was a preemie.. I get this ' do you have your kids confused' look..

So yes, the boy is a C H U N K E R! I remember when I first brought him home, I'd lift the carseat up & then double check to make sure he was in it b/c it was so dang light. You literally could not tell the difference between him in the carseat & an empty carseat.. I'm just sayin..

Then we have today.. Where I HURT my back lifting the carseat wrong.. WTH is wrong with this picture?? I am literally walking around hunched over. UGH... Hopefully this passes soon b/c I need a dang handicap bar next to my toilet to get up.. lol!

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