Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bedtime Routines

Spoiled Princess has a very strict bedtime routine. Vary from it even a fraction and chaos will begin. Here's a sample of tonite's bedtime routine :
SP gets jammies on, pees potty and gets into bed.. Immediately gets up and realizes hmm, maybe I didn't pee after all? Thus resulting in a second potty break. Finally tucked into bed with her choice of ponies, Minnie Mouses (we have a collection started here.. lol), various huggy blankies- she then insists on a story. BUT not just any story a dr story. I don't really know what her fascination is with the dr but the worse off the better, most times she will encourage you with tidbits along the way.
Momma: Once upon a time, there was a cute little girl who had to go to the doctor because..
Spoiled Princess: because I had spiders in my tummy.
Momma: ...because she had spiders in her tummy -euwwww..
Spoiled Princess: AND WORMS.. euuuewwwww..
Momma: ok the little girl went to the dr because she had spiders and worms in her tummy. The dr examined her tummy (momma looking at SP's tummy) and could see the worms crawling around.. EWWW..
Spoiled Princess: ewww (giggling & squirming)
Momma: Sooo the dr pulled the worms out of her belly buttom & told her to eat them. And gave her a shot in the butt & said go home, go to sleep and you'll feel better in the morning.

Ok anyone else bothered by the fact that the girl was absolutely THRILLED with this story? lol!! No matter what scenario, there always has to be the shot in the butt, go home lecture from the dr.. lol! She most recently came up with the spiders last week and the worms were new tonite.. Next we had to sing a song & she requested Rock a bye baby...

Momma: Rock a bye baby, in the treetop.
SP: Why is the baby in the tree Momma?
Momma: shhh.. when the wind blows the cradle will rock.. when the bough breaks..
SP: the baby's going to fall in the riber (river in SP speak) isn't it?
Momma: no the baby is NOT going to fall in the river.. shhh.. the cradle will fall & down will go baby -not in the river- cradle and all..

Then we go thru the whole slew of who is in bed right now, who is going to bed in a few minutes and whether or not Mommy is going to bed RIGHT THIS SECOND too.. I swear it takes an hour to get the kid to bed anymore ! LOL! :)

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