Monday, August 11, 2008

Tourette's for toddlers...

Drool Prince seems to have developed Tourette's syndrome. One minute he's happily chattering along when all of the sudden "POOP! POOPIE! POOPIE-POOP" spews from his mouth. Trying not to encourage it is almost beyond me because quite frankly it's freakin hilarious.

When he gets mad he'll be yelling- No! I want to! (he doesn't understand the use of the word "don't" yet.. lol which means a mean mommy gets a little too much joy out of saying I know you want to..) NO Momma! Poopie! Poop! Nooooo.. I want to. POOPIE! AGHHHHHHHH!

This too shall pass, for now I get my giggles for free at the expense of a 2yo who thinks poop & poopie are cuss words.

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  1. This is really funny! I remember those days :)


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