Friday, August 15, 2008

Say what?

The funny/cute one :

In the car-

Spoiled Princess sits in the 3rd row, so sometimes if the radio is on or the other 4 kids are making noise it's hard to understand her.. On the way home from a day at the pool today, I hear this :

SP: Mommy, I put my hair up in a hot dog.
Me: (turning down the radio and shushing everyone)- WHAT?
SP: I going to put my hair in a hot dog.

I shook my head confused and looked in the rearview mirror at her. She is holding her hair up on top of her head.. It hit me & Drama Queen at the same time..

A BUN? we both asked?

Yup, that's exactly what she meant. She wanted her hair put up into a bun.. not necessarily a hotdog bun but still.. lol! We giggled the whole way home about that one.

The Ooops :

Daddy Chaos & Spoiled Princess were playing with her blankets. Daddy would steal one insisting that he needed a blanket, then Spoiled Princess would shriek & steal it back insisting that she must have TWO blankies.. Apparently getting tired of this game she announced :

Stop Being Bitchy!!

Daddy Chaos stopped and immediately asks: What did you just say??

Obviously Spoiled Princess understood the tone of voice and immediately clams up and insists that he be nice to her..

Daddy Chaos: That's not what you said.. What did you say?
Spoiled Princess: Stop being nice to me?

lol!! Then I - little innocent me!- get the lecture that I need to watch my mouth b/c apparently the youngesters are picking it up.. Sheesh, I don't say those type of words.. I DONT..

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  1. oh I get this lecture all the time from my hubby when our little guy says certain things. He looks at me, and says "well we know where you learned that one don't we." But there are times when Bug will say "What the Hell!" and that is totally my Hubby! He says that all the time!!! And then it is finally my turn to look at him with a smug smile.


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