Sunday, July 13, 2008

Next in line of things to occupy my overworked/overworried mind.

It's always something around here..

Baby Bug is getting a cold. Where in the world would this itty bitty one get a cold from you ask? Where else but the germ infested DCS 'visit' room. Can you imagine how many kids come in and out of there? So far it's just a stuffy nose and not getting too bad. It actually amazed me that birthmom noticed. She's normally not that observant. hmmm..

So I decided to go ahead and get his chest xray done now rather than wait til right before the cardio appt ~ figuring if the cold was settling in his lungs , it'd show up on the xray right? Wait, let me back up a minute.. Jumping ahead of myself huh? At Baby Bug's 1mo check up the dr referred us to a pediatric cardiologist because.. well because he's an awesome dr that listens to my concerns. Mainly this was just to be a precautionary appt because of family history (ie. Drool Prince). He went ahead and faxed over orders to the hospital to get a chest xray & EKG to take to the cardio appt with us. We also had some additional
bloodwork done which thankfully came back normal!

So Friday afternoon, we headed off to the hospital to get the tests done. Short wait + baby who sleeps nonstop = Tests that are done quickly and easily ! We went to xray first & got it done quickly, then headed upstairs to Peds to get the EKG.. Of course we had to wait 20mins because the tech was doing an EKG elsewhere. No biggie, Baby Bug was in the
sling (which I LOVE btw- but I miss the stretchiness of my fleece one..-- Hey I'm a size 5 Hotsling ppl in case you wanted to ya know send me a free one to try & blog about.. Or any sling ppl for that matter !LOL! ) and snoozing happily away. After the EKG was done, I remembered that the dr commanded me to get the EKG report and the Xray films. Silly EKG tech didn't want to give me one but I insisted & he printed me off my own copy. Then I had to run back downstairs to radiology since I was too concerned with rushing off to the next test to remember to get xray films when I was down there to begin with. My brain just doesn't work in a million different directions anymore.

Now naturally, what's the first thing you do when you get into the car and have test results in your hands? Do you tell yourself- do not look at them, wait til you go to the dr because if there's anything in there you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out?? I certainly had that conversation with myself, but then I reminded myself- come on, it could say everything looks fine then I wont have to wait til the cardio appt to have relief. So of course I looked.. I should have just left well enough alone.

The EKG 'analysis' says : 1st degree AV block & possible right ventricular hypertrophy. Doesn't sound fun to me... Now I've spent the entire weekend playing Dr Google to the point that I just had to close the computer down and walk away. Every little thing worries me , but I've reminded myself that all these little worries have been going on for weeks now so just because we have test results doesn't mean anything's different. Besides EKG machines can be wrong, right? RIGHT?

With that said, I'm calling the dr bright and early on Monday to discuss the results & see what his thoughts are. Perhaps we can get into the cardio sooner? Keep your fingers crossed for us, k?

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  1. Don't know if it will make you feel any better, but the computers that read EKGs are notoriously wrong, especially in pediatrics where all the variables are age-based. Hope your appointment goes well.


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