Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FlipFlop season is upon us!

The pre-teen (Drama Queen) has been wearing flipflops for at least a month. Braving the weather b/c HELLO-it Should be warm enough and I can't help it if the weather doesn't know what it's doing. I NEED to wear flipflops..

The toddler (Spoiled Princess) is now following in her footsteps. Socks are Not Allowed. She will rip them off before leaving the house because she Must Wear FlipFlops!! Thankfully she has two pair leftover from last year and amazingly enough- They . Still . Fit !! Not quite so amazingly, they now both have teeth marks all over them.

You see Grandpa has a new puppy (Bootsie) and the new puppy just couldn't control herself when pretty pink toddler size flipflops were left by the door.. She just HAD to try them out. Sure they're still wearable (at grandpa's house only b/c no way am I letting her wear them out and about! Hello chew marks and a chunk missing off the heel! LOL).. No biggie, we still have the white pair at home....

Til today....

Spoiled Princess is napping in her 'big girl princess bed' because she's suffering from grandpa syndrome.. She got to stay with Grandpa while Drool Prince & I went to the allergy dr and was acting up quite a bit upon coming home.. You could just tell she needed a nap..

Drool Prince , on the other hand, napped in the car on the way home & is up and ready to go.. He's sitting quitely watching his all time favorite- best movie in the world (hint, it has pooh & a purple heffalump- 'nuff said!). Except that somehow , sometime (probably while I ran to the bathroom) he sneaked into the closet & grabbed up the white flipflops.. Not a big deal normally.. He usually puts them on and then runs over to tell me that "I a Princess mommy. See I a princess"!

However, no princess proclamations this time.. Instead he decided that dang if that white flipflop didn't look yummy..

So now we have puppy chewed up pink flipflops & toddler chewed up white flipflops.. I'm sure when Spoiled Princess wakes up she is goign to have the fit to beat all fits that her last pair of flipflops now have teeth indentions all over..

I guess it's time to hit Old Navy for some new flipflops.. sigh.


  1. I love your style of writing. I too have a drama queen. She'll graduate high school this year. And I'm not even completely gray yet :)

  2. Thanks so much Audrey :) It's always nice to *meet* new readers.. Heck, I'm still impressed that ANYONE is reading it :)
    Ack, I'm sure my drama queen will be graduating before I know it.. I still havent' figured out how to keep them small longer! They grow up way too fast!


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