Friday, April 4, 2008

Crazed Turkey with bowel issues

That is exactly what it sounds like in my house lately..

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble....

Poopie, Poopie, Poopie...

Drool Prince has discovered what one can only explain as akin to 'fart' jokes in older boys.. Come on people, he's only 2. His new joke to make everyone laugh is to run around and say ::

Gobble gobble gobble......... Poopie poopie poopie..

And then giggle like a hyena on crack.. What can I say.. It's amusing- for now!

Spoiled Princess was telling Daddy Chaos about her day this evening. We went to a friend that has the cutest 5DAY old puppies.. All the kids held manhandled?.. a few puppies.

Spoiled Princess: I hold Puppies!

Daddy Chaos: Did you feed the puppies??

Quite honestly he has no one to blame but himself for the answer that he was sooo not ready for...

Spoiled Princess : No, I feed Bailey (puppy momma). Puppies eat milk daddy.. Milk from BOOBIES..

Daddy Chaos was left sputtering.. Yes peeps, his 3yo is now telling him where milk comes from.. lol..


Last funny of the day- and dang it I really should have snatched a picture but I didn't. .

Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess were playing dress up with everyone's shoes. They'd put them on and then stomp around for a few minutes & then go back to the front door to switch them out.

Drool Prince put on S.P's shoes and came running in-

Drool Prince: "Mommy, Mommy... I a PRINCESS!!"

Spoiled Princess: "No you not. I ARE!"

Attitude King tried to jump in and save the day: "No , Drool Prince.. You're a PRINCE. Boys are Princes and girls are Princesses"

Drool Prince refused this sage advice stubbornly sticking with: " I A PRINCESS! Mommy I a Princess"

Poor kid, no more pink balloons for him!

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