Sunday, April 6, 2008

A convenient mix between Disposable & Cloth?

I recently stumbled upon this link .. gDiapers ~ a flushable insert with a cloth diaper like outside..

Has anyone heard of these or tried them out? I must admit I'm captivated.. I've always wanted to cloth diaper but alas Daddy Chaos has this aversion to peepee & poopie in the same washing machine that washes his clothes.. Go figure..

I happened across this link & of course had to go look.. Now I'm thinking of trying them out (if I can talk Daddy Chaos into it) but would love some feedback!

In the end, I kinda doubt that Daddy Chaos will be swayed because after all we're in the process of potty training Spoiled Princess & about to start with Drool Prince...

But if we happen to get any new babies- I'm going to go full out in my sweetest convincing mode.. Wish me luck!

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  1. i watched a little baby back in the summer of 2006 whose parents bought these diapers. it was interesting to use them...took me a while to figure it out...because the cloth cover velcros in the back and I kept putting the diaper on backwards. LOL Also the mommy was using cut up cloth diapers as the padding in side the diapers. I think the idea and concept is great but I am not sure I would stick with them. just the fact that if we were out in public and i needed to change a diaper, don't like the idea of storing a poopie pad in my diaper bag. I have no idea how our parents did it when they used cloth diapers on us. LOL I like just tossing the poopie and pee pee diapers in a bag and tossing them in the trash. I guess I am just spoiled that way. Sad but true.


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