Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Needing Prayers

I'm not sure I really want to get into it all right now, but just wanted to ask for some good thoughts & /or prayers. I'm pretty sure that I have made myself the 'bad' guy with DCS yet again - why is it that when you fight for your kids (foster/adopted) rights you are sent to the corner b/c heaven forbid anyone question almighty DCS?!

But even knowing that I was going to be on the 'naughty list' , this was something that I really felt needed to be done.. I am not one to normally stand up to authority. I'd rather sit back and talk about them behind their back-- lol ~ kidding, kinda.. But when I know for a fact that something is supposed to happen a certain way and I can get the written proof (can we say - thank you google & the state for making their CW manual available online?) then I really can't back down and kinda have to follow thru.. Don't tell me that one thing is the official stance when I have proof and KNOW better that it's the exact opposite....

I promise to get into it more later but for now - just think good thoughts for us k?!

**edited because...... well because I can..

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  1. you will be in my thoughts. I hope that things work out and look forward to hearing about all the details. I too tend to sit back but when I get really worked up I do stand up for what is right! Good luck.


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