Monday, February 11, 2008

Hell in a Handbasket...

My house that is.. I swear if it's not one thing, it's another! We have been having quite a bit of snow & rain ~ what results when that happens you ask??


We've had several roads closed in town over the past few weeks b/c of flooding- they open them up again only to have it rain (or snow & melt) and flood close again. The river is VERY high..

Thankfully we don't live near the river or even near the flooded roads..

Apparently no one bothered to tell the house that.. It started last week- a lovely little trinkling of water coming into the basement laundry room ~ conveniently right behind the breaker box, because we all know that water and electricity go hand in hand :) That lovely little leak had us freaked out until Daddy Chaos got the bright idea to go out in the pouring rain, stand on top of the Tahoe & clean out the gutters over that part of the house.. (I did dare him to go out in his underwear as we'd already gotten ready for bed, but he was afraid he'd fall off, hurt himself & lay there in the cold, wetness because he KNEW that I'd never get my lazy bum out of bed to go search for him. In fact, I probably would have fell asleep and not noticed him gone til sometime the next day when all the kids at the bus stop were laughing at him in his soaked underwear..)

FIXED THE PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY! Thank goodness.. Before Daddy Chaos came up with his brilliant idea , we sat and pondered - who do you call for this type of leak? It's not a plumbing problem, it's not really an electrical problem.... I guess this will teach us (*clears throat* , Daddy Chaos- you listening?) to clean out the gutters once in a while.. I mean come on, we've only lived here for a little over 2years and never bothered to clean them out once..

Next problem - I'm in the bathroom a few minutes ago, sit down to do my business and hear this:


No, people.. the dripping was NOT coming from me.. I look over and what do I see? Water is dripping down from the light/exhaust fan fixture?! Really? WTF? I mean come on!! So I looked around as best I could (after I peed of course b/c I have the worst bladder in history- I honestly make Spoiled Princess wait for me to go first when we're at the store.. lol) and the best I can determine is that either we a) have a roof leak? or b) have a water pipe leak? No clue.. But why in the heck is it always around electrical things??

Alas, Daddy Chaos has class after work today so he won't be home til probaby 9pm.. LOVELY. I had planned on climbing up the ladder to the attic (both little kids are sleeping away) but my dad informed me that I should wait til the big kids get home in case I get stuck..

Help, I've climbed up and can't get down!! Sadly, he's right.. I have this issue with ladders.. I can go up just fine but freak out coming down again.. So I guess I'll try to investigate when the big kids get home later.. Not that I can do much more than look around, but we'll pretend that I am doing something worthwhile..

I definitely would have provided you with worthwhile photos of the said leaks .. HOWEVER, seems my lovely new camera that I've had for all of a ??month?? decided to kill off it's batteries.. The battery is D.E.A.D.. So sad b/c of course it doesn't function on regular batteries even though the instruction clearly state you can use them.. Sure you can use them if you want to turn your camera on- take one quick picture and then have it die on you.. Sure... that's fun ! So I'm off on a hunt for new RECHARGEABLE batteries next..

Hell in a handbasket I tell you!!

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  1. Man, I am feeling for you here. Sounds like a really aggravating problem. It never fails though, leaks, broken pipes, heaters, something always causes trouble! Hope it gets better soon!


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