Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sinus infections SUCK!

Sorry I've been neglecting you, my poor poor blog. You're still kinda the new kid that everyone looks at, whispers about yet doesn't really come up and talk to yet.

Sorry but the reason is.... I'm SICK. I'm not a good sick person. Give me morning sickness at all hours of the day but do NOT make my thoat hurt, fill my sinuses with nasty crap that WILL. NOT. COME. OUT. no matter how hard I blow. I feel like I've been trying to cough up a lung for the past few days, my throat is so sore I try not to swallow my own saliva, my ear hurts and I swear it'll start spurting blood any minute. Heck my TEETH even hurt at this point.

Per the doctor (whom I love greatly, he's always good for a shot in the butt to make you feel better anytime you need it), I have an "Ick NASTY sinus infection". I guess that's what I get for waiting til I'm sure I'm going to die before actually going to the doctor huh?! A shot in the butt, a handful of antibiotics & a rx for some cough meds and I'm out the door and not feeling a bit better. I'm sure the fact that I have no been sleeping well at all for the past few days is contributing to my feeling on death's door. You see, I NEED sleep. I need at least 8hr of sleep every nite, more if I can get to it. So I really just want to curl up in a ball and sleep the rest of this cold off.. Unfortunately , I can't..

I am mommy.. So the big kids will go to school, Mr I-Love-you-but-would-you-quit-blowing-your-nose-when-nothing-is-coming-out is at work well away from my hacking and nose blowing. But I am home with both the little ones ALONE.. This is one of the few times that I think SAHMs get a bum deal. We're sick & we still have to go to work everyday. Here's hoping the babies are happy entertaining themself (or watching lots of TV with mommy) & immune to my nose blowing trumpet.

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