Sunday, November 18, 2007

Potty training boot camp??

Anyone know where one is? I am soo ready to send Spoiled Princess there asap! The girl knows how to go in the potty, she just refuses.. You see when we were at the hospital for Drool Prince's pre-surgery testing, S.Princess stayed with a friend (yeah ok, so it was a few weeks ago. I'm just getting around to sharing- deal with it!). She went the ENTIRE day with no wet or dirty diapers.. Potty. All. The. Way!

In fact, I heard this conversation over the cell phone (mainly because my friend thought it was hilarious and had to call and let me hear it first hand) :

S. Princess : Poopie coming out..

Friend: S. Princess, do you need to go poopie in the potty?

S. Princess: No thanks, mommy change me.

Friend: Mommy's not going to be home for a while, why dont we try the potty?

S. Princess: No, mommy needs to see my poopie.
(at this point S. Princess went and got out her diaper & wipes, took them to the door and set them down to await me).

Friend: Mommy can't change you til bedtime, you dont want to sit in the dirty diaper all day right? Let's go in the potty instead.

S. Princess: Ohhh, awe ight..

And off to the potty they went.. What is up with this kid?? I have bribed w/ candy, a motorbike (which she calls any bicycles) just for her, big girl panties in Dora, princess or anything she wants right now.. She just tells me No thanx and runs to the corner to poop or pee.. BLAH!! Anyone have any wonderful potty training advice? I never had such problems with the bigger two.. And Drool Prince is actively interested in the potty himself.. Heck, I'm sure he could be potty trained already but I seem to have this odd thing thinking that they should go in order of age? Maybe it's time to toss that out of the window?

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  1. My Princess was just as stubborn! We used "How to Potty Train in 3 days" with her. It worked! It took a full week, and it was pure hell, but it did click. I wrote about my experiences with it on my blog of you want to read more...

    It certainly sounds like your little one is ready. I'd toss the diapers and she wont have a choice but to start using the potty... but that's just me. lol


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