Sunday, November 22, 2015

The one with the puking...

It's bound to happen sooner or later...

Dimples caught a stomach bug.  He is really not in tune with his own body and how he feels so he rarely will tell you when he doesn't feel good.  Or he'll tell me his stomach hurts, and then point to his throat.  He definitely knows the puke feeling though - thank you reflux.

He does NOT know how to puke however.   What?? You didn't know that most people knew how to puke?  Sure you do- normally you just follow your body's cues.

 Step 1. Your stomach gets upset.

 Step 2. You normally get a rush of saliva.

 Step 3. Your stomach rolls and voila!  Puke.

Dimples feels that his stomach is upset and so he must instantly puke.  So he squats at the toilet and does this weird scream heave thing.  I honestly can't even describe it.   But no matter what, he insists that I be there beside him to wipe his mouth and "calm him down" .    After about round 5 of the scream puking, I told him that he needed to stop making himself puke and just let it come on it's own.  And also that he didn't need to yell when he puked.   Mean Mom - right here.

No matter what you do, do NOT say that he just has a stomach bug.  Which will cause him to look around in alarm and point to his stomach asking In Here??   Which will immediately remind you that he is deathly afraid of bugs and so you switch to a stomach Virus.  Which, of course, means he will constantly ask you to get a flashlight to look down his throat and see if the virus is still there..

2 Pukes later and he's laying in my lap exhausted and asks me : "Is this the sound that means I have to puke?"  meaning the moaning that he's currently doing. 

2 more pukes later  " Am I following the rules of puking?"

Sigh.  There are no rules of puking dude.. Just stop trying to force it out because you're only going to feel worse.

6 hours later and he's finally holding some applesauce & 7up down.  Fingers crossed that we have passed that particular bug!

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