Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to school #giveaway !

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Brought to you by, Fruit of a Loom, Walmart, and Taking Time for Mommy!

A friend of mine is hosting this and I thought you guys would like it too!   With school starting up this week, we did A Lot of back to school shopping!  Other than the kids ginormous list, back to school time is when we always buy new undies & socks. Don't ask me why we wait til now, but it just seems like the time to do it!  Thinking back, it doesn't make sense with all the other expenses but I guess everyone else does it too because this is the time of year when the packages always have FREE pairs!  Plus are on sale!! 

Take a minute to enter the giveaway below and maybe you'll win some back to school cash! 

Fruit of a Loom, Walmart, and Taking Time for Mommy are offering a lucky person a $75 Gift certificate to Walmart to get there Back to School Needs! Fill out the form below to enter!
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  1. Getting new stuff is what my little ones like the most.


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