Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Mashed up mess

Life lately has been a big mashed up mess.  If one kid doesn't have something going on , the other one does.  Why can't they take turns?? It'd be so much easier for me :(

On a good note- 

Attitude King turns 15 today.  It hit me suddenly, he's growing up. I'm not sure what I thought came after 14 because I was perfectly fine with 14..  15, not so much.   I dreamt a few weeks ago that he was driving Drama Queen's car (with her in it) and I was yelling at both of them b/c he's no where near old enough to drive and how irresponsible are they.. ect ect..    Then I woke up and was telling Daddy Chaos about it only to realize that my baby is turning  FIFTEEN  this year , which means he takes driver's ed this summer.. WHICH means he IS almost ready to be driving..  AHHH!  I don't understand how we got to this point already.. :sigh:

On a not so good note-

We recently had Kindergarten Round Up...  Yep, Dimples will be going to kindergarten next year.  He is in a normal preschool w/ a para for extra help this year and has been doing wonderfully.  Still, we knew that his developmental delay "sticker" would fall off this year and we'd have to do more testing in order to get him an IEP & help next year for Kindy.   It's been on my mind to call the Special Ed teacher at the school system and chat with her about it, but she beat me to it and called yesterday.  Imagine my surprise when she went on to say that she feels that he is very bright (why yes he is! A very smart boy!!) and is doing well in preschool (2.5hrs /day) and feels that he doesn't need tested and can just go to Kindy with no help. ...

It took a few moments for me to even formulate a response.   No testing?  No help?  While on the outside that may sound wonderful, inside it is instant fear.  I know this boy. I know how very very smart he is.  I also know his limits with behaviour, social skills & language.  You see, he can hold it in for a few hours if he's not with a trusted loved one.  He can do it, but the minute he's back in a safe environment- all hell breaks loose.

I called up my bestie and told her the news- she immediately said WHAT?.. lol.  Love her.  She has a 4yr old one month older than Dimples and so yes, I compare where they are not educationally but overall . 

-does not play with other children, he prefers to play alone.  Yes he can occasionally play beside them but it's rare for him to actually interact with others.  Even Special Ed teacher admits this.

- is still not potty trained.  Urology feels it has to do with his sensory issues and sometimes it takes longer for them to train..  Yeah, I can imagine their faces when he goes to Kindergarten without  a plan and wearing a pullup or diaper.

- has tantrums like you would not believe.

-just yesterday skipped preschool b/c he fell asleep at 11am and would NOT wake up for anything until 3pm.

oh there is more and more.. I am just shocked that this teacher who spends only 1 day per week with him feels that he is a typical almost 5yr old.   I did feel much better after talking to Ms Random about it and saw that it wasn't just me living in the past..  So we are heading back down to the BIG hospital to have another big evaluation. We did it when he was 3 and were dx with developmental delays, speech & language delays  & lots of autistic tendencies.    So I'm hoping now that he's a bit older they can help pinpoint the issues and make sure he has the help in place that he will need for Kindergarten.


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