Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 days of Gratitude - Days 24-29

Thanksgiving is over- the leftovers are gone.

Yet again, I have slacked on the 30days of Gratitude..  I had nice posts thought up (in my head of course, who has time to type them and add pictures?) but let's just do a quickie post for 24-29, k?

I am always thankful for my kids.. I am especially thankful that each of my adopted kiddos has a biological sibling here with them.  Although they don't recognize the difference, someday I think they will appreciate that they didn't lose their entire histories.. They have this small piece in each other.

Reason 24 -  Drama Queen  ~  My first born who has taught me how to be a mom.  I am always grateful for the way she helped direct the turn in my life at such a young age. Without her, I don't know who I would be.

Reason 25-  Attitude King ~  My first son.. There's something special about your first.. While Drama Queen helped me figure out how to be a mom,  Attitude King helped me figure out how to be a mom to a boy because in case you didn't realize it- it's a LOT different.   He has changed so much in this past year.  Grown several inches and bypassed me completely.. His voice went from sounding slightly girly to a deeper rougher sound.  He's growing up.

Reason 26- Spoiled Princess ~ The beginning of the Tequilla gang.   Spoiled Princess was the one to give me the second chance.  Drama Queen & Attitude King were both in school and she fulfilled my need to be needed. She was the perfect baby to come to us and open Daddy Chaos' heart to more children. My very first tried and true Girlie Girl.

Reason 27- Fishing Pole ~ I am always thankful so many things when it comes to Fishing Pole.  He has had such a rough beginning with so many hospital stays and surgeries.  I'm always thankful that he was given to us and is safe and loved.


Reason 28-  Dimples ~ The baby..  No matter how old he gets, Dimples will always be the baby of the family.  Heck he's now 3 1/2 and everyone still refers to him as "the baby".  He was the only one of the younger 4 that we actually planned on ahead of time.  I am always grateful that he is in our lives.

Reason 29-  Southern Darlin' ~ my middle girl who was the last to join us..  I am thankful each and every day for that moment while waiting for court on the little boys that someone casually mentioned Southern Darlin' was in foster care in that Far Away state.  I am thankful that the Far Away state is so supportive of siblings and that she was finally able to be moved to us so that now and forever she can be ours.  


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