Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Day 3

I could tell it was going to be a bad day when I woke up and felt wet sheets.

No, it wasn't me.

It wasn't!!

So Dimples peed my bed again. 


I don't care if he pees his own bed, but nooooo.. always has to climb into my bed in the middle of the nite and pee it.   It's so much easier to change a crib sheet vs a King size sheet set..  Ugh.

So a quick morning bath was in order.   As he's drinking his milk (and continuously throwing the cup at the wall then screaming that he wants his milk.. ), I asked if he was ready to go to preschool today?!  Have fun!! Play with your new friends!! 

NO.  I wat Phineas Fer. 

I thought nothing of it and put some Phineas & Ferb on for him to watch while I got the other kids ready for school. 

Time to leave.

I put the boy's shoes on him FOUR times before we actually got off the door..  I guess I should have listened.

He did NOT want to go to preschool today.

The 1 & 2nd day of school , it's all he could talk about.   I go pee-skool, pay toys?!  He had a blast and was ready for it..

Today was clearly a different day.

Fishing Pole was feeling better (aka no fever) and so he was anxious to get back to school before someone else snatches up his fiancee.

I drove the kids to school.  Parked.  Got out and put Dimples' shoes BACK on him again.  Got everyone out, backpacks on.  The tequila bunch took off to their classrooms (they are adorable.. The lil girls will take Fishing Pole to his room, then walk together til they have to split off and go to their separate rooms) with a quick "Bye Mom!  Love you!"

Dimples took 3 steps , looked at me and said No.

I gently tugged at his arm and would get him to take 3-4steps before he'd stop and say No.

I pointed out his teachers waiting for the bus kids a few yards away. 

No.  No skool.  I go in car. 

sigh. my heart is breaking just a bit.

Dimples, you have to go to preschool today. You'll have lots of fun.. You can go play with the kitchen (he loves play food!) . Tomorrow you don't have preschool and you can stay home with mommy all day long.

There were tears.  He was adamant that he did not want to go today.  I have no clue why.  He loved preschool for those first few days.  Honestly, this is what I was expecting those other 2 days.  He has a hard time transition.. a hard time separating from me.   But then he did sooo good, I thought hmm I guess I was wrong.

His teachers tried to entice him with all the fun they were going to have but in the end they just told me to walk away and they'd walk him inside.. 

He yelled NOOOOO!  the entire way into school as I walked away with tears streaming. 

He doesn't go back again until next Monday so let's all keep our fingers crossed that he wants to go then.  I'm not good at forcing him to do things that will make him upset.

On a better news day-- Southern Darlin', the one who was very anti- school, reports after 2days that it's not so bad.  She's made a new friend and so far likes her teacher..  I do think it helps that she's pulled out to work with the special ed teacher for Math (last year she just had a para in the room during math time).   Time will tell but at least she's off to a good start!!


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