Thursday, December 9, 2010

What happens when...

What happens when.... adopt two kids you've been literally waiting years to adopt?

#1.Apparently it means that you don't blog for quite some time! lol!  Life is no more hectic than normal so I can't say I have excuses.

I'm still floating around on cloud 9 that my boys are adopted. Smiling in general and just telling everyone I know that yes, they are adopted now!  I have been working on adoption announcements and having a hard time choosing what I really want so I might just order 2 different ones.. lol I ended up doing that with both the girls' announcements as well.

#2. You still vent about the cw. I'm sure you're thinking, but wait.. you've adopted, why are you still dealing with the CW?   Well she has to close the Chins file and open the adoption file. She also has to get our subsidy paperwork sent in and get medicaid switched to their new names.  So that means that while the boys are both legally Chaos', they still have to go by their old names when we go to the dr or medicaid won't pay .  Medicaid has assured me that once the CW fills out the form, they'll have it switched over in a day or two. So it's all about waiting on the CW to get it done. Don't get me started.

What happens when...
...TheToddler has to wear a heart monitor for an entire month?

#1. You get absolutely no information. I'm still sitting here waiting to hear what they decide. Obviously nothing "life threatening" has shown up but no word yet on if or what else is showing up.

#2. He'll get lovely sores from the little 'stickies' that you have to keep on him 24/7.  I move them every other day to try to minimize the reaction but poor kid is owie.  Thank goodness today is his last day and we can take it off & send it back! I'm sure he's ready to be rid of it and I"m ready to get the results! lol!

What happens when... do a random search on the lil girls birth mom whom you haven't had contact with since Spoiled Princess was an itty bitty?

#1. You just might FIND her!  I randomly google all my birth parent names just to see if anything crops up. Normally it's a new newspaper article from when one was arrested or whatnot.  This time I actually found the girls birth mom  and promptly freaked out.. lol.

After a day of debate,  I made contact. And then I waited several days to see if she would respond.  Respond she did and we are tentatively chatting and sharing info.  I'll update more later on how it progresses but I can say that I'm thrilled so far!

What happens when...
.. you finally take your kid to a dr who listens?

#1. You get the pulse oximeter you tried over and over to get from the old crazy dr who refused..

#2. You get a new Dr Lung/Sleep that you are absolutely in love with and would marry & live happily ever after if a) you weren't already happily married b)you were a lesbian c) uhmm, you get the point.   I <3 her.    She spent at least an hour talking to me, taking history & discussing her thoughts on everything.  I think we'll be seeing her a lot in the near future as she really wants to dig to the bottom of his issues and figure out WHY so she can fix it.

What happens when...

.. you leave your computer unattended for 5.3seconds?

#1. TheToddler will get on and immediately delete all you've written, type his own scribble & re-save it as your post.

#2. You will give up, restore what you can and go pick up Mexican for lunch.  After all, Mexican food makes everything better.. Right?


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