Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to Popularity

Wait..  What defines an "Ode"?  Really this is a story with a somewhat long backstory but Ode sounded better so we'll just go with that..

Back to where we were..

Popularity seems in my eyes pretty hit and miss.  People like you or they don't.  Some people have more flair.. They are outgoing and make waves. If those people bring you into their 'clique' then you are with the popular crowd.

I'm a pretty friendly person.  With the rare exception *cough* classmate who was my friend and then beat me up and then was my friend and then beat me up and now wants to be my FB friend- I dont freakin think so *cough*,  I've always had friends.   I make friends pretty easily.  Most people like me.

But I've never been in the popular crowd.

I moved a lot as a kid. From Kindergarten -5th grade, I went to 7 different schools (2 of them the same school but separated by jaunts at other schools and then back so I was still the "new kid").

In 3rd grade- for 1 semester I went to the school that I would end up back at in 6th grade (and ultimately graduating from).  When I moved back in 6th grade, I didn't really remember the kids from 3rd grade. I recognized them from pictures and kinda remembered them but ended up making new friends and moving on. My spot in their lives seemed filled with others.

Ironically, it would end up that those friends from 3rd grade ended up being the most popular kids in the school.  I had my 'in' and then lost it.  I could look at pictures and think  If only we hadn't moved again, I might have been one of them! Popular! Loved by all!

Yeah, so it didn't happen.  Tough luck.  Highschool came and went. I was friendly with all the popular kids but not in their group.  If I'm being honest I'll say it's because I'm too dang shy. Popularity scares me.

Twitter reminds me of highschool.  You follow a bunch of people.  Others follow you back.  Of those, you really only connect with a small group. Your own 'clique'.  (Why I feel the need to 'air quote'  clique I have no clue, just go with it. )   If you're like me, you silent stalk the popular crowd.  You laugh at their comments but rarely jump in because Hello- Popular.

I recently had my 3rd grade experience on twitter.  I had the in to the popular crowd, however briefly it may have been.  @MrLady & @BarefootFoodie  who are at the top of my stalking favorite blog list both talked to me at the same time.  Dudes, we had a 3way (in a completely non-sexual kinky way) going on.. It was awesome.

And then it started to fizzle.  I tried frantically to think of what to say.  Something cute, something witty.. Anything to keep it going.

Alas, it was short and sweet.  And it was over.   My time in the spotlight has come and gone. But I was there for a moment...

This is the Year of Me however.. So I have to become bolder. Actually step out of the shell and put myself at risk once in a while.  Even if the risk is only no response. Silence.

So tell me.. Are you in the popular crowd, trying to get in or content in your own less popular 'clique'?

Oh and before I go- if you are not following them- duh, go follow.. But first you should be following me because uhmm Dude, I sent you there and it's not polite to follow only the popular crowd.. geesh!


  1. I'm a popular as herpes, dude. :)

    For the record, every time I talk to Barefoot Foodie, I blush to my toes. She makes stuff tingle, for reals.

  2. Hmmm, I'm really bad at twitter and fb scares me with all the old high school people I know on it. I contacted ONE old friend and was immediately reminded of why she was no longer my friend. It was an unbelievable repeat of stupid high school stuff! Keep it!
    However if I get on Oprah I will surely mention you and you can bask with me.


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