Saturday, July 24, 2010

Should I be flattered?

Sorry guys, I am enabling comment moderation..  Sucks to have to do it especially since I don't get a ton of comments anyway [read that as- please leave a Momma some comments people, I'm dying here].. Alas in the past few weeks I've started getting spam comments.. They look like a real comment til you click the person's name & it takes you off to some weird watch or real estate website..


I guess I should be flattered that the spammers have finally found me? 

Does anyone know how to delete comments that were made prior to enabling the comment moderation?


  1. No clue but I'm here and I'm reading! =)

  2. I can just delete comments from looking at my blog while logged in. I delete spam comments often, but sometimes I just leave them because moderation is such a pain.

  3. I love reading your blog. Just wanted to let you know =)

  4. Thanks guys!! I appreciate my non-spammers coming out to say Hi! :)

  5. MomInTheTrench-- ok ironically I tried that before and couldn't figure out how to delete them but now I"m looking again and there's a delete button right next to the comment.. Geeesh! Thanks :)


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