Saturday, February 6, 2010

Other Butts...

Drool Prince went to spend the day with Cowie earlier in the week.  He worked hard helping pull up nails in a kitchen remodel  and earned a rather large handful of quarters for his help.  Naturally being an almost 4yr old, he insisted they go to the store to spend his money! Heaven forbid it might burn a hole right in that pocket :)

On the way home, they stopped @ a dollar store & Drool Prince announced that he needed to buy something for each of his siblings. He then proceeded to pick out presents (and pay with his money) for everyone and did an impressive job.  What a sweetie he is!!

As they were walking around the store, Drool Prince had his newly purchased flashlight and kept proceeding to shine it on Cowie..

DP: :giggle: I'm shining the light on your boobs.
C: Stop that you rotten boy, shine it on the ground.
DP:  :giggle: I'm shining it on your butt instead.  (he's such a charmer, ain't he?)
C: :laughs: Point it at your feet, can you shine it on My feet?
DP: :giggle, giggle: Now I'm shining it on your Other butt.
C:  My other butt??
DP:  yeah, you know? Where you go pee.. You're a girl so you don't have a pee-pee like me.. And I saw Spoiled Princess' before.. It looks like a butt.. So you have TWO butts!!

Omg, ya'll I about bust a gut laughing at that one.. I guess we need to use more correct terminology around here?? The girls never felt the need to talk about their girly bits so we have no name at this point.  Silly boy!


  1. *giggle* Oh, little boys.... Bigger boys don't understand things much better sometimes ;)

  2. Aw! We call it your front butt vs your back butt LOL!


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