Sunday, February 7, 2010

Biters Anonymous

Baby Bug is a chewer.. He's not like Drool Prince who had a special blanket that he would sit and chew/suck on to go to sleep.. No not the Bug.. 

He prefers to chew on clothes.  Preferably clothes which are not his.  Namely MY clothes- while they're still on me.

So last nite, Baby Bug was exceptionally grumpy. He came to lay with me.. Laid his sweet onery head on my shoulder and proceeded to sit and chew quietly on my shirt.  Ok no biggie, I'm used to being a human chew toy.

Then he decided to move spots.. And leaned over to grab a new piece of shirt with his mouth- only to BITE MY BOOB..

I'd like to say I didn't scream "OMG do not bite! We do NOT bite Momma's! LET GO!" but if you saw the bite mark (broke the skin even) you'd understand.

I think I'm going to have to try to institute a chewy blanket to prevent future bitings..

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