Saturday, November 21, 2009


We interrupt your normally scheduled blogging program with this important message!!

This is not a test! I repeat this is NOT a test!

Momma Chaos (me) will be leaving the Castle of Chaos in approximately 1hr.  Leaving all the children with my mom (Biggie there b/c mi madre never babysits ALL the kiddos) and heading with Daddy Chaos to see

 just in case you were wondering :)  Then later tonite.. I will leave the youngest 4 in the charge of Daddy Chaos and venture out yet again to take the oldest two to see 

And in case you weren't keeping count or just the words NEW MOON delayed your ability to absorb anything after those words- I'd just like to point out that I will be going to see it TWICE today.. Cuz I'm that awesome.. I know you're jealous. Sorry peeps!

Lastly- I am firmly in the Team Edward fan group. Naturally I've read all the books (several times over) so I'm fairly certain that has skewered my voting just a tad but still... Many other Team Edward fans (former friends. ha) have come from the movie switched over to the Team Jacob team.  Rippling muscles & most of the movie half naked are apparently big motivators.  I will NOT be swayed! 
Team Edward All the Way  BABY! 

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