Friday, January 30, 2009

Stop ringing!! Damn phone!

Jan 29:
8pm~ The phone rings..
" Good Evening, this is the school superintendent calling to let you know that tomorrow FRIDAY JAN.30, we will be having a 2hr delay due to severe weather."

Woohooo! 2hr delay! I can sleep IN! Please God, do not let them call and cancel school tomorrow.. A 2hr delay is a miracle and something well loved, but a complete school cancelation- on my birthday- that's just cruel.

I decided to keep the little tidbit of the delay to myself. Went to bed smiling to myself ;)

Jan. 30..

7am~ phone rings.

NOOOOOO!! Please NOOO!! I really didn't want to answer it. Why is my phone ringing at 7am? It can't be good. Alas, I did not want Baby Bug to wake up when he'd finally settled back down so I had to answer the dreaded phone.

"Good morning, this is the school superintendent calling to let you know that due to drifting snow school will be canceled for today JAN.30. Repeating- school is now canceled ~ enjoy your weekend, suckers!"

Aww Hell! Figures, just my like.. The fates are getting even with me for being so thrilled about sleeping in. Funny thing, I forgot to mention said phone call to the bigger kids - to my defense they normally flip the tv on and see it on the bottom of the screen- so when it was almost time for the bus to come at a 2hr delayed schedule... Drama Queen got a bit miffed at me when I informed her that there was no school.

"OMG! Then WHY am I dressed???"

lol, exactly how I feel my dear.. Welcome to my life.


  1. My four year old baby girl just asked me why the pretty shoes have to hurt. Makes a mama proud.

  2. Ohh that's soo adorable.. Too true, smart girl!


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