Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shiny Teeth work for me

I always whine and cry when my babies grow up. They grow up so fast, why doesn't someone come up with a magical pill that will make them slow down (and then zoom thru the icky hormonal years?) ??

Spoiled Princess turned 4 over the weekend. But she's been preparing for it all month. She knew that this was HER birthday month. We had to do a countdown til her birthday every night before bed.

Last week, S. Princess went to her very first dentist appt. The dentist was just going to count her teeth, no biggie right? Uhmm no. Once S. Princess heard about this appt, she immediately and LOUDLY declared that no doctor was going to take out her teeth!! She was NOT going. We tried talking about it calmly, bribing and just setting down the law (doesn't work- don't do it). Then I decided we'll just ignore the issue til the very last minute and deal with it then.. (what? I like avoidance!)

The day of the dreaded dentist appt came. Attitude King went back, Drama Queen went back.. Spoiled Princess was left sitting with us. Now she's miffed. "Why I not go back?", she demanded. I assured her that when they were ready for her, they'd call her.. Drama Queen & Attitude King made it back out with great reviews ~ sure we got the normal threat of possible braces, but for now everything's fine and best yet No Cavities! At this point, Spoiled Princess is beyond upset! DQ & AK both went back and got out and her name has Still Not Been Called! The nurse tech lady who calls patients came out and called her name right in time. S.Princess jumped up and hurried to the door. Now being mommy, I had fully planned on coming back with her- this was her very first dentist appt in an office she'd never been.. She turned to me and said "I a big girl now mommy, you stay here"..

I'm sure I spit and sputtered for a full minute but finally let her go back alone while sobbing inside. My baby is growing up- I can't even go to her first dentist appt! GEEEZ! She came out all smiley with her new yellow toothbrush and a ring from the prize box. The dentist said she did great, hopped up on the chair, opened her mouth and when they were all done , she said "Ok I get my prize now?".. lol! That's my girl. She went for the biggest bling she could find ~ I 'll have to warn Daddy Chaos about that later.

Drool Prince, on the other hand, definitely didn't have his princely manners. We're hoping it's just a phase and he'll get over it soon but the screaming rages have GOT to go. I timed that days' fit - 1hr 8mins of screaming non-stop over a yo-yo. Thus is my life.

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