Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm not the only one going stir crazy!

Drool Prince: Mommy, I go Kathy's?
Momma: Nope dear not today (he laughs if you call him dear.. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm meaning deer & can't figure out why I think he's a 4legged animal?).
Drool Prince: I go pop-pop's?
Momma: Nope not there either..
Drool Prince: Pop-pop come HERE?
Momma : No Pop Pop's not coming here either..
Spoiled Princess *not one to be left out*: Mommy, Mommy! We go to Gandpa's? (she always leaves the r out and somehow the M mysteriously becomes a N..)
Momma : No, Grandpa isn't home today.
Drool Prince :Karen coming?? (1st step's therapist)
Momma : No, not til Thursday..
Drool Prince : uhmm.... uhmmm... I go BISIT?
Momma :*laughing* no, not even a visit today..

He then sighed and walked off.. I guess that was the extent of his bye bye ideas..

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